We support logistics of peza enterprises in philippine central luzon

  • Lacking space for materials due to expansion of production line?
  • Would you like to ask the third party for the management of the materials?

Why don't you ask Tri International Philippines, Inc.!


Tri International Philippines, Inc. is a Logistics Service Provider that is doing business exclusively for PEZA approved enterprises in the Philippines.

PEZA (Philippine Economic Zone Authority) has set up the Eco-zones in various parts of the Philippines to attract foreign investments to specific locations. Our company, Tri International Philippines Inc. is situated in LTI (Laguna Technopark Inc) which is one of the eco-zones. As a PEZA accredited Warehouse/Logistics service provider, we have been supporting PEZA companies for more than 20 years by providing warehouse storage space and delivery of materials, among others.


1. Warehousing

2. Local Delivery

3. Arrangement for Exportation/Importation

Explanation of TRI serice


  • Address: 103 Technology Avenue Laguna Technopark, Binan Laguna, Philippines
  • TEL: +63-(049)-544-0224, +63-(049)-544-0227
  • FAX: +63-(049)-541-3200
  • Email address: hiroki.yamada@tri-phil.com (Japanese)
  • Email address: sales@tri-phil.com (English)
  • Web page address (Japanese): www.tri-phils.com
  • Web page address (English): www.triintl-phils.com

Map of LTI

Map explanation

This map is provided by LTI (Laguna Technopark Inc) which is one of the PEZA (Philippines Economic Zone Authority) approved zone. Tri International Phils., Inc. (marked with red slanted lines) is easily accessible within a few minutes by car from Gate No. 2.

  • From Manila Port: More than an hour (normally the road around the harbor is crowded)
  • From Manila Airport: More than an hour (likewise, roads around the airport are usually crowded)
  • From Batangas Port: About 40 minutes
  • From FPIP (First Philippine Industrial Park): About 30 minutes

About LTI.

This is a company that develops and manages the industrial estate (zone) as a joint project of Ayala Group and Mitsubishi Corporation. More than 240 enterprises are in operation and half of them are Japanese firms. The Japanese firms' occupancy is about 75% on an area basis. (Information sourced from LTI)


The cargoes can't say anything. The cargoes can't move by themself, that is why we should take care of them wholeheartedly