Q & A

Q: We are a PEZA registered Export enterprise in LTI (Laguna Technopark Inc.) Since the material storage place has become full, we would like to use your warehouse space immediately, but is it possible to move the material to your warehouse from tomorrow?

A: Prior transfer, both parties must have approved Letter of Authority (LOA) for temporary storage and subsequent retrieval from PEZA, therefore the material cannot be moved immediately. Normally LOA approval takes 1 to 2 weeks if related documents are completed.

Q: We are a PEZA registered Export enterprise in Cavite. Since the storage place of the finished product is narrowed, we have a plan to use your warehouse space as temporarily kept and after receiving an order from the Importer (buyer) in Japan, we would like to ask you conduct container vanning at your warehouse and haulage the container to Manila port for the exportation.

A: It is possible. However, on the PEZA rules, since the exporter on PEZA's required documents will be our company (Tri Int'l Phils., Inc.), including other shipping documents such as Shipping Invoice and Bill of Lading (B/L), we suggest that the name of the exporter be described as "Tri International Philippines, Inc. in behalf of xxxxx Inc.".

Q: We are a PEZA Registered Export Enterprise in Cebu Island. We are planning to sell our products to PEZA registered enterprise located in LTI, but we will be using the JIT (Just in Time) delivery system, which is the request of our customer via temporary storage of your warehouse. Is it possible?

A: It is possible. PEZA Registered Export Enterprise can appoint Tri International Phils., Inc. as warehousing for temporary storage, inventory management, and for subsequent goods to end-user. In this case, the LOA application and approval from the PEZA Cebu office and PEZA LTI office are required.

As mentioned above, all transactions can be carried out after obtaining approval of PEZA (LOA), and the actual movement can be moved with the permission obtained from the PEZA office based on that LOA. Describing like this, it seems that all transaction are restricted, but when doing according to the rules, that does not matter.

Briefly describing the purpose of the PEZA, it is "To call overseas Investment", "Increase Employment", and "Earn foreign currency by Export". Based on these, we feel that if a new business plan here is consulted with the PEZA, a good method/suggestion will be surely proposed by them.

This is an impression of our experience of working with the PEZA for a long time.