1. Warehousing and its Management

In side of the warehouse

We handle warehousing, storage inventory management, sorting, etc. related to PEZA (Philippine Economic Zone Authority) authorized companies. In the future efforts including "Assemble Processing", "Simple Machining", "Maintenance" and "Simple Repair".

Please refer to "Warehousing" for the details.

Related Service: Inventory Management Method

We communicate daily with our customers about Incoming/Outgoing information and we encode the result (Number of the Items data) into our "Inventory System" so that our customer can be seen the data. Please refer to "Inventory Management" for the details.

2. Local Delivery

We arrange Local Delivery as follows:

  • Transport within same PEZA Zone
  • Transport between PEZA Zone and another PEZA Zone
  • Transport from PEZA Zone to another Special Economic Zone

Please refer to "Local Delivery" for the details.

3. Arrangement for Exportation and Importation

We arrange the Importation and Exportation of Customs and PEZA procedures and also arrange container haulage for Import and Export.

In addition to the above, we arrange freight forwarding for exportation both by Sea freight and Airfreight.

Please refer to "Importation and Exportation" for the details.