management philosophy

Our MISSION: To contribute to economic growth and to  better society through logistics operations


Our GOAL: To create new value through logistics in order to provide and sustain the highest level of quality service to our customers


Our PRIDE: Earning the trust and confidence of our customers and employees


The following three core values define our company culture and the assurance that all local and international laws, rules and regulations are adhered to.

1. Responsibility to Customers

a. Respond promptly and accurately to customers' requests

b. Provide and maintain services of high quality to customers and establish a high level of safety

c. Continue to propose the new value of "logistics"

d. Continue to initiate cost reduction measures to provide competitive and good quality service

2. Responsibility to Employees and their families

a. Treat employees fairly and with dignity and respect

b. Provide and maintain a safe workplace, machinery and equipment

c. Create a fun and happy workplace so that employees work full of vitality

d. Encourage good work-life balance so that employees can also look after their families

e. Promote employee empowerment so that employees have control and take responsibility for their actions and decisions

f. Improve the lives of employees and their families

3. Responsibility to Community

a. Contribute to the preservation of our natural environment by providing nature-friendly services

b. Educate and raise awareness of the employees' ethical and moral obligations to society

guidelines for action

Customer First

Let's think about what the customer wants

Three actual spot (GENBA) principles

Let's check the site, reality and actual things (goods) with your own eyes and determine the essence


Respond flexibly and in a speed sense in everything


Let's do the KAIZEN (Improvement) without fear of failure


Let's broaden our knowledge and absorb it