Logistics Service Provider for PEZA registered economic zone enterprises

TRI-HIGH LOGIHANDLING SERVICES INC. is based in the eco-zone Laguna Technopark Inc. (LTI) and is engaged in the following activities as a non PEZA enterprise.

1. Local Trucking Services (Trucking services as PEZA accredited enterprise)

We mainly undertake truck transportation within the CALABARZON region of the Luzon.

2. Cargo Handling Work in the warehouse and its Inventory Management

We mainly receive requests from PEZA registered logistics companies (Ecozone Logistics Service Enterprises: ELSE) and perform cargo handling work and Inventory Management in the warehouse of the requesting companies.

Note: TRI-HIGH Logihandling Service Inc. can provide this kind of cargo handling service as Non-PEZA Enterprises.

1. Local Trucking Services as PEZA accredited enterprise

We are ready to go to your requested places

We arrange local transportation as follows:

  • From the customer's warehouse to the designated factory.
  • From the customer's factory to the other customer's factory.
  • Milk-run

Check the truck location with GPS


We will check the truck's current location appropriately and monitor the customer's arrival time.


This monitoring is is collaboration with Tri Int'l Phils., Inc.

2. Cargo Handling Works in the warehouse and its Inventory Management

Warehousing works for receiving



The Items checking for Incoming

Warehousing works for Items checking



The parts number checking (It depends on the request from Customers)

Warehousing works for Data Encoding


Data encoding for the Incoming and Outgoing items

TRI-HIGH Logihandling Services Inc. is an affiliated company of Tri International Philippines Inc. and both parties cooperate with each other in our daily activities.

Address and contact information

  • Address: 103 Technology Avenue Laguna Technopark, Binan Laguna, Philippines (It's located in the Tri International Philippines Inc's building)
  • TEL: +63-(049)-544-0224, +63-(049)-544-0227
  • FAX: +63-(049)-541-3200
  • Email address: /