importation and exportation

PEZA LTI zone office

PEZA examination by LTI (Laguna Technopark Inc.) Zone office. (Importation)

  • The container have to be examined by PEZA office staff before delivery to the consignee
  • Seal cut of the container by the PEZA office staff
  • Check inside of the container by the PEZA office staff
Container arrival at TRI warehouse

Container Arrival (Importation)

  • Arrival the container at our warehouse as consignee after PEZA examination
  • Starting unloading at truck dock
IMPEX staff


  • Communicate with overseas concerned parties regarding Import and Export cargo
  • Arrangement of Customs/PEZA procedure and haulage for Importation and Exportation
  • Informing up dated situation of the shipment to the customers
  • Asking to Shipping Line and/or Air Line to get up dated situation
  • Instruct to Customs Broker and get up dated situation

Cargo flow of Importation via Manila port.

Cargo flow of FCL for Import
Cargo flow of LCL for Import

Transaction for FCL
Transaction for LCL